Esha's Tea Essence

Esha's Tea Essence

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A collagen based sleep time tea.

Healthy skin is achieved by both internal and external means. The herbal ingredients of this tea blend are intended to promote healthy, ageless skin and beauty sleep.

Calendula has anti-microbial and anti-aging properties that help with the production of collagen. Rose petals can assist in hydration and are high in antioxidants which free your skin of free-radicals (biggest aging culprit out there). Chamomile accelerates cell and tissue regeneration, helps tighten the pores and slows down the aging process. Bergamot helps with blemishes and scars, while also evening out skin tones. Nettle is high in antioxidants and promotes blood flow increasing collagen production. Skullcap tones skin, protects against and heals sun spots, balances hormones, while promoting sleep.

Organic ingredients : Calendula, roses, chamomile, wild bergamot, nettle, and skullcap.