The Catalyst: Caffeinated

The Catalyst: Caffeinated

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A daytime blend for tension relief & immune support

Organic ingredients: Golden Seal, Butterfly Pea Flower, Green Tea, Chamomile, Echinacea, Spearmint


Golden Seal: Blood purifier, antibacterial, & digestive tonic. It is very drying to the mucous membranes, and helpful after an acute infection has passed and there is lingering stagnation in the respiratory, digestive, or urinary mucous membranes.

Butterfly Pea Flower: antioxidant.

Green Tea: stimulant, astringent, & diuretic. Assists in moving toxins out of the body.

Chamomile: anti-inflammatory, calms the nervous system.

Echinacea: immune stimulant, stimulates the production of white blood cells

Spearmint: calmative, and antispasmodic tension relief & immunity



Antioxidant-removes potentially dangerous oxidation agents that could play a role in cancer and other diseases 

Stimulant-raises levels of physiological activity in body

Astringent-constricts tissues, reducing discharge of blood serum and mucus

Diuretic-increases the production and elimination in urine; assists with lowering blood pressure

Antispasmodic-prevents cramping and spasms in muscles