Athena’s Chrism

Athena’s Chrism

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A Moisturizing Face Cream

Organic ingredients : Lavender/Calendula Flowers infused in olive oil, raw cocoa butter, beeswax, lanolin oil, and lavender and green mandarin essential oils. 

Lavender and Calendula both reduce redness and help with sun damage. Calendula also increases collagen production. Cocoa butter is thoroughly absorbed into the skin and helps maintain skin elasticity. Lanolin and Beeswax are wonderful moisturizers for dry skin and Green Mandarin oil helps tone skin and smooth fine lines.

Use once nightly for best results. Daytime works as well but allow enough time for the oils to absorb. If you are waking up with greasy hair you are using too much cream, light amounts work best. Jar should last at least two months.